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What Kind of Inventor Are You?

The Innovator

I created a new product, device, software or process:

Your invention is best suited for a utility patent.
Examples include the umbrella, lawn mower, RFID device and networking systems.

The Designer

I created the unique visual appearance of a functional item:

Your invention is best suited for a design patent.
Examples include the curvy Coca-Cola bottle, fonts, computer icons and product packaging.

The Botanist

I created a way to reproduce plants through means other than seeding:

Your invention is best suited for a plant patent.
Examples include the Smooth Angel Rose, a variant of the famous flower, distinctive in its character and reproduction process.

Why Register a U.S. Patent?

Prove & Protect Ownership

It is near impossible to protect your IP in the U.S. without registering a patent because ownership is proven by whomever is first to file, rather than whomever is first to invent.

Compete in a Secure Market

Register a U.S. patent to secure your place in the American market and deter copycats from doing the same.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Registered patents help legitimize your brand to promote your business and highlight the unique aspects of your product.

Gain Funding

Registered U.S. patents are valid forms of collateral you can use to obtain funding.

Increase Company Assets

U.S. patents are valuable assets, appreciating as your business reputation grows. They're also transferrable.

Global Expansion Opportunities

Once you file a U.S. patent application, you can also apply for priority consideration in jurisdictions outside the United States to save time and money on worldwide growth.

The U.S. Patent Application Process

Patent registration is the most complicated intellectual property application process, difficult for even the most well-rounded business professionals. As such, it’s not enough to know only the scientific and technical information relevant to your invention — you must also be experienced in patent law and familiar with Patent Office regulations.

Without the necessary expertise, your patent registration may not adequately protect your invention — or worse, your application may not be approved at all. At Witmart, our patent experts and attorneys know exactly what it takes to successfully obtain a strong patent — and we’re here to help.

Witmart Advantages


Count on our team of patent lawyers to ensure your application is filed expertly and efficiently. We’ll even smooth out any complications along the way so you can focus on more creative, lucrative pursuits.

Local Expertise

Witmart is strategically aligned with the United Patents Agent Group located in Silicon Valley, California to connect you with skilled patent lawyers, agents and scientific experts on all phases of U.S. patent law. Our shared expertise, reputation and flexible fees make us the smart choice for all your intellectual property needs.

A Personal Approach

We’ve built a reputation for friendly and attentive service. It’s why we have so many loyal customers and referrals. We start with a free one-on-one initial consultation to ensure that you are making well informed decisions on your patent applications and our experts are available throughout the process to help.

Our Services

Free Initial Confidential Consultation
The initial consultation will help us learn about your invention and determine which type of patent application is best suited to your goals.

Patent Search and Patentability Opinion
Our patent search is based on a prior art search or “novelty search” using several databases. Our reports provide prior patents or other forms of literature that are similar to your invention. Our patent attorneys then estimate the likelihood of whether your patent application will be accepted by the patent office.

Preparation of Patent Specifications and Claims
As part of the patent application process, our registered patent attorneys prepare a detailed description of the invention and any required drawings. The most important part of a patent application is its claims. Proper claim drafting requires know-how and expertise. Our team of experts work closely with you to prepare a strong claim.

Filing and Communication with the Patent Office
In addition to filing a complete patent application, our patent attorneys can also communicate with the Patent Office on your behalf. Throughout the entire prosecution process, they can prepare amendments and respond to any required changes at the request of the Patent Office to save you the hassle.

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