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What Type of Patent Do You Need?

Invention Patent

You are an inventor. You created an exciting new technical solution or enhancement to a product or process that is sure to shake things up in your industry. Protect your creation with an invention patent, just like those used by the creators of computer operating systems, smartphones and mechanical tools.

Invention patents are protected in China for 20 years from the filing date.

Utility Model Patent

You are an innovator. You devised an incremental solution or modification to the form or structure of a practical product. Protect your idea with a utility model patent, much like those used to protect simpler innovations to mechanical devices.

Utility model patents are protected for 10 years from the filing date in China.

Design Patent

You are a designer. You created the distinct visual elements of a practical item. Protect your invention with a design patent, similar to those filed for packaging, beer bottle designs and digital icons.

Design patents are protected in China for 10 years from the filing date.

Why Register Your Patent in China?

Go Global

China has the second-largest economy on the planet, making it the perfect launch point for the global expansion of your invention.

Protect Yourself From Copycats

Registering a patent in China empowers your business to prove and defend the ownership of your intellectual property in a fast-paced market notorious for counterfeiting.

Government Incentives

Given that China has the fastest-growing market on the world stage, the Chinese government is taking steps to incentivize and improve intellectual property rights — making this the perfect time to jump on board.

Increase Your Company’s Value

Registered Chinese patents are valuable assets that appreciate over time. As your business becomes more reputable worldwide, the value of your assets improves with it.

Fast-Track Your Examination Process

Many major countries have priority patent registration agreements with China. The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), for example, offers inventors the option to speed up the examination process for any additional invention patents filed in China.

The Chinese Patent Application Process

The patent application process in China is the most complicated and strenuous of all IP protection processes. Compared to other jurisdictions, the Chinese legal framework is more stringent and conservative. Additionally, foreign applicants face the obstacle of navigating significant differences in time zones, languages and patent law.

You need access to Chinese patent attorneys with the local knowledge and technical expertise to guide you through the process. Hiring a translator can be expensive, time-consuming and insufficient. Why settle for a lesser value at a higher price, when you could partner with Witmart and get the best of both worlds instead?

Why File With Witmart?

Simplicity at its Best

The Chinese patent application is difficult to navigate, so take off the pressure and trust Witmart to get the job done for you. After all, you’re the inventor; you’ve done your part! Send us your details, and we’ll handle the hassle. No mess, no stress.

Local Agents, Chinese Liaisons

It’s nearly impossible to connect with the Chinese attorneys you need to register a patent in China. Witmart can bridge the gap. Our local agents collaborate on your behalf with Chinese patent attorneys from Beijing’s award-winning Longan Law Firm. That way, we can work with you directly in your language and time zone to ensure your needs are communicated accurately and efficiently to our team in China.

Genuine, Personalized Service

At Witmart, we’re more than a business — we’re truly invested in helping your company succeed. When you file with us, you’ll always have access to a local expert who understands your unique vision and will customize your experience accordingly.

Our Services

Complimentary Initial Consultation
When you file with Witmart, every case begins with a free, confidential consultation so we can get to know your business and establish which type of patent perfectly fits your invention.

Patent Search and Patentability Estimate
To mitigate some of the risks of patenting your invention, we only trust our proprietary patent search technology to ensure you get the best possible overview of patentability. Combining a prior art search, or “novelty search” and a look through several IP databases, our reports detect the existence of prior patents or other IP that appears similar to yours.

Patent Specification and Claim Preparations
Preparing an accurate patent application isn’t easy, especially given the language barrier when applying in China. Our registered patent attorneys and agents have the legal and technical background required to draft a strong claim.

Patent Application Filing and Patent Office Correspondence
With Witmart, our service doesn’t have to stop after your application is filed. We also collaborate with our Chinese patent attorneys to correspond with the patent office on your behalf. Skip the hassle and expense of worrying over translations and complicated legal jargon — we’ll keep you informed of everything you need to know.

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